The twist here is that one of the reasons for the Olympic bid was so Gavin could piggy-back a new football stadium onto the bid. Money would come from the USOC to help build Candlestick up to turn it into an Olympic-style stadium (good idea too-- we couldn't wait to see the Olympic torch blown out and knocked over by a huge gust of wind while being broadcast all over the world). Gavin was also hoping that the idea of hosting the Olympics in 2016 would make everyone more amenable to supporting a new stadium.

As we've said earlier, we weren't really psyched on the Olympics but losing them in this manner is a bit of a pisser because it makes us look bad. And because the guy who pulled the plug on it was some lame-ass cheapskate idiot of an owner who lives in Youngstown and not, well, us. Besides, we were looking forward to the fun of watching this Olympic bid be debated.