The Stones play Oakland Coliseum tonight having had to move it from last night's show due to Mick having a bad throat. Now granted, most people don't really care about the Stones anymore mainly because they've spent the past twenty years or so being the World's Greatest Rolling Stones Cover Band. But still, when they were good, they were really good.

So, to get everyone in the mood for the show, or at least remind people just why they were at one point the biggest, baddest band in the land, here's a clip from their early-70's prime. It's a video of them doing "It's Only Rock n Roll" and it's somewhat live. Or at least it’s a lot grittier and dirtier than the recorded version. It's everything that is the Stones and more, somehow being both campy and bad-ass all at the same time.

Considering how many ticket promotions we're hearing on the radio, we're guessing there's plenty of tickets still available.