That wasn't all, though -- while the downtown trains were jerking their way eastward, the Millbrae trains were then hit with the dreaded . So basically, no one's going anywhere today.

Interestingly, this is our second illness encounter on BART in two days -- yesterday, a woman on our train passed out and had to be helped onto the concrete slab they call a "bench" in the 16th Street station. Unlike MUNI incidents we've seen, the BART conductor came out of the train, checked to see if the woman was okay, and looked like he was calling for help on a CB radio and then ran back to the front car and sped off. It was about maybe a 5 minute delay? How often do people get sick on BART, anyways? (And also, how embarrassing for the angry commuter standing next to us who started yelling about the delay and people blocking the doors, only to find out that someone had gotten seriously ill.)

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