The club was recently sold by it's owners to a developer who wants to build condos in its place. Members, however, aren't thrilled that it's being demolished and are fighting it. Yesterday, Fiona Ma introduced legislation that would relieve the tennis club and other recreational spots from being developed. Ma mentioned a whole list of places lost recently to development, including that great bowling alley in Japantown (we're okay with losing the one in the Haight as it got turned into Amoeba). Swimming pools and other tennis courts have also been lost recently.

In response to the conflict, developers who bought the land merely yawned, and in a bathtub full of dollars, snarkily commented "we’re not sure that a private, members-only club meets the needs of public recreation.” In response, a club member, in full San Francisco hysterical mode, returned serve with "San Francisco recreation is at siege! Game, set, and we'll see about match.

Image of Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. We love that movie