Here we go Warriors fans. It's been 12 years since our hometown hoopsters last tasted the sweet nectar of postseason. Will this year be lucky number 13? It depends on your expectations.

This is basically the same team that went 34-48 last season. Baron and JRich are the stars, Murphy and Dunleavy are gonna get plenty of PT, and the bench is long on potential but short on experience. That's not encouraging.

The draft was lackluster. Chris Mullin went with two seven-footers in order to address the team's lack of frontcourt presence. Taking Patrick O'Bryant with the nine pick was a foregone conclusion, but Mully and Co. flat-out wasted their second round pick by taking Serbian Kosta Perovic. Perovic plays in multiple European leagues and may never play a minute for this team. Meanwhile, the Warriors took a pass on local star Leon Powe, an obvious second-round pick for this franchise. The Warriors Draft: A legacy of greatness.

Not much wheeling and dealing either. Mullin unloaded Derek Fisher's heavy contract for three guys that have never been in our kitchen, one of whom, Keith McLeod, will make the team as a backup point guard. The team also signed Dujuan Wagner and Anthony Roberson, a couple of high-scoring guards that provide some legitimate depth to the backcourt.

The Warriors are going to need both both Biddy and JRich in uniform if they're going to have any chance of making the playoffs this year. Photo from