Halloween is a special time. Not only is it perfect for carousing in purely ridiculous get-ups (when else can you go out of the house with a giant penis on your head?), one can also dabble in the dark arts and no one seems to care. We here at the SFist love a Satanic possession just as much as the next guy, and of all the weekends of the year this is definitely the best for it.

In the spirit of Hell on earth, we went out looking for a tasty bar that would potentially satisfy our most nefarious desires. Ok so maybe not so dramatically, but we did find a tasty little bar off the beaten Mission path.

Delicately balanced in one part slick, one part dive, one part Vampira Elvira, the Attic, down at Mission and 24th Street, is a traincar of a bar lit only with red lanterns and a superficial brightness coming from sources unseen.

SFist Nico, contributing.