Another features two teen girls, dressed in American Apparel, walking away from a party and through a graveyard, cryptically telling each other, "it's weird... but, I know we're going to make it." Perhaps the emoeyest of them all charts the progress of a fetus to boyhood and teenagerhood and adulthood and seniorhood, all the while (and without any words) literally chasing and sustaining wounds from a little floating heart. SO DEEP.

But it's not all velvet paintings of crying teenage clowns; we're fond of , in which two men surgically connect their intestines to each other, creating a gaseous feedback loop that destroys the Earth. "I hope it was worth it!" cries one surgeon. "It was," sighs another. What's that supposed to mean? Who knows. Supposedly, the fun part is puzzling over what it all means while you're out trick-or-treating and looking as emo as can be.

Filth Hole Adventure