So, do you:

a)Rent a DVD and watch something at home with the kids and see the movie later without the kids
b)Go to another movie instead and see the movie later without the kids
c)Find a baby sitter and see the movie without the kids
d)Say what the hell and take the kiddies to the movie anyways. After all, it's only a Scorsese flick about gangsters, how bad could it be?

Last week we went to see "The Departed" and lo and behold, several seats to the left of us, was some dude who brought not one, but three kids to see the movie, all between the ages of 10 and four. Which means out of all the above choices above, he chose D.

And what a great choice too. Because not only did he piss off everyone around him as the kids sat there and did kid things throughout the movie, but he took the kids to see a movie in which every fifth word is "c---sucker," half the characters have their heads blown to bits, there's not just porn in the movie but there's a hooker and blow scene. It's a friggin Martin Scorsese movie about gangsters, what do you expect? What kind of idiot takes a bunch of kids to see that movie.

Look, we can't proclaim to know anything about being a daddy. We also realize that every family is unique and it's hard to come down and make some sort of moral judgment on somebody else who is a daddy. But still, blogga please, that was just dumb-ass. In fact, we're going to come out and say it that taking the kids to see that movie is just one amazing act of dumb-assity. You, sir, are a dumbass.