Alioto-Pier (our reigning champion in the SFist Hottest Supervisor contest) is basically running unopposed, with only one declared opponent, Vilma Guinto Peoro, whose interview with the Chron was tactfully described as "free-wheeling," and who, when asked, was unable to discuss any specifics of Alioto-Pier's legislative record beyond Alioto-Pier's absenteeism. Also, as Ms. Peoro says, "I was going to run in 2004, but I fell on the stairs and sprained my leg."

So what's a progressive frustrated with Alioto-Pier's consistent pro-Newsom record to do? (Well, why is said progressive paying so much rent to live in District 2, is our first question, but hey, we agree it's a really pretty area of town to live. Plus: so many Jamba Juices!) Well, nonprofit housing manager David Kiddoo has thrown his hat into the write-in ring, saying that progressives living in his district have felt isolated and unrepresented for too long. He and his supporters are launching a grassroots effort to give District 2 voters another choice for the next four years.

Kiddoo was encouraged to run by the League of Pissed Off Voters, and has already gotten the Guardian's endorsement, along with the SF Tenants' Union's. So, progressives who like those Orange-A-Peel 16s, get your writing utensils ready for November 7 -- it's spelled K-I-Double D-Double O.