5:59 Buy second of two expensive drinks, wonder where all the people who drink at this bar are, also where are our friends supposedly meeting us there.

6:12 Friends show up. They wonder where all the people are.

7:15 Hang out at the back of extremely dark bar. Listen to George Jones playing from bartender's iPod, insult best friend's mother.

7:38 Look around and further wonder where all the people who purportedly come for "happenin'" DJ night.

7:51 Inhale two spring rolls purchased from Tu Lan across the street.

8:12 DJ still hasn't arrived. Get tired of the bartender's cheap rockabilly mix, approach him to ask what's the deal with the empty bar. Says they follow the DJ from a different bar down the street.

8:15 Leave to seek out better crowd.

SFist Nico contributing