For those of you who don't watch the "Colbert Report", Stephen has been running a green screen challenge where he asked members of the Colbert Nation to add all sorts of computer effects to some dorky moves with a pretend light saber he did while standing behind a green screen (it was the intro of his "Better Know a District" bit with Lynne Woolsely, actually).

Wednesday night, he announced the two finalists of the challenge, some woman from Torrance and a "George L" from Marin. The entire bit is the video posted above, but if you just want to watch just the entry, you can see it here.

Well George, who flew all the way to New York to accept what he thought would be his prize, lost to the other entrant and left a little disappointed. So disappointed he later challenged Colbert to a light saber duel, which you can see here.

Truth be told, George L's entry had great effects but wasn't nearly as entertaining as some of the other entries, many of them take-offs of Star Wars. George's entry had stilted dialogue and wasn't very clever. Kind of like the prequels. If you want to see what others are out there, either go to YouTube (duh) or check out the Green Screen Challenge page on the Colbert Nation site.