Republicans, on the other hand, having nothing else to go on right now, are using Nancy's name in vain more and more as we get closer to the election. Check out this column from "Citizen Conservative" who rails that Pelosi' ascension would mean everything from the impeachment of the President and the sending of troops home to subsidized transgender surgeries, free plane flying lessons to everyone in the Middle East, and naming airports after Jimmy Carter. A pundit on Fox News called her a "communist" recently, something that doesn't sound that bad when you consider Pat "Brown Shirt" Buchanan said that Pelosi "has marched in gay pride parades with the North American Man Boy Love Association," the same interview in which he just says the word "flamer" over and over again. It's true too in a six degrees of NAMBLA sort of way.

Why do we bring this up? Because the more powerful she gets, the more crap thrown our way as the word "San Francisco Values" will become wrung around the neck of the Democrats. It's already happening too. For instance, Media Matters has put together an analysis and video of Bill O'Reilly's use of the phrase "San Francisco values" (apparently, we're to blame for Mark Foley). And our beautiful, wonderful skyline is being used to scare people in Indiana and taken in vain by noted adulterer Newt Gingrich. In other words, the message being sent out there to the people in the heartland that if you don't vote Republican, the entire country will turn into San Francisco. Except without the hills, bridges, skyline, ballpark along the water, gelled Mayor with a 20-year-old girlfriend, and homeless people.

Which raises this question-- why wouldn't anyone not want to be like San Francisco? Seriously, we've driven through Indiana, we know it's true.