So we immediately snapped up his very first book when we saw it on the shelf at Stacey's the other day: Dog v. Cat, an expose of the 2004 pet election that tore apart a nation of pro-war dogs and isolationist "under the bed" cats. You may remember Vice President Dick Chewtoy (in cone, pictured at right) and his advocacy of the "War on Squirrels." There are so many bad puns in this book -- our favorite is the "Wonkatt" website, featuring a cute-as-a-button girl kitten with.... wait for it... cats' eye glasses! Hearts!!!

The Bad Reporter himself will be doing a reading from Dog v. Cat at Borders Union Square (not the one in the new mall, the one up the hill on Powell Street) tonight at 7. We also understand there is a ripsnorter of a slide show as well, which you shouldn't miss either. We hope he has pictures of his "Bay of Pugs" scandal for attendees. Bay of Pugs... Fido Castro... ha! The man's a genius.

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