"Gimme head with hair/ Long beautiful hair/Shining, gleaming/Streaming, flaxen, waxen..."

In 1906, we had the Big One. In 1989, we had Loma Prieta. In 2004, we had the Winter of Love. In 2006? Gavin let his hair down. As Peter Hartlaub wrote in the Chron: "Where Were You the Day Gavin Changed His 'do?" Well, we here at SFist were all over the story, giving you the breaking news that his hair was de-gelled and then giving you the breaking news when he became gelled again. Then, of course, there was the debate: did he look more like Matt Gonzalez or Nick Carter? How come nobody thought of the obvious Clay Aiken 'do? And for those of you who wondered why there wasn't anything else important going on, we covered that too-- the new do of Gav's 20 year-old girlfriend.

But wait, there's more! In a week with more gossip than mah jong night at del Boca Vista, the ex- had a baby. As did Bevan Dufty. Mazel tov to all the happy couples .

There was other stuff going on this week that wasn't hair related. There was a debate over the blue angels flying into the danger zone and we took up the, uh, big-boned stripper story at the Lusty Lady. Michelin reviewed a bunch of SF restaurants and got everyone in a tizzy. The Chron then lorded over Michelin for making inaccurate claims by using bad grammar. That'll show them.

And finally, go A's!

Let it fly in the breeze/And get caught in the trees/Give a home to the fleas in my hair/A home for fleas/A hive for bees/A nest for birds/There ain't no words/For the beauty, the splendor, the wonder/Of my...

Image from SFGate