Well, everybody knew it was coming, but now it's official, Felipe Alou is no longer the Giants manager. Remember, in sports it's never official unless the press conference and statements are released.

Considering we were calling for him to go almost a month ago, we think it's all for the best, but still, Felipe personified class and dignity and is one of those people who personifies everything that is baseball. He seemed like a pretty okay, dude too, almost beyond wise with a mischievous little sense of humor that usually had a bit more edge to it than it appeared.

There seems to be some bitterness in his statement and comments about the teams he had, lack of good players and not being given complete control of the team, but we stand by what we said earlier. Despite all the injuries and the elderly roster, the team just didn't play well in ways that had nothing to do with injuries and an elderly lineup. They just never played good, smart baseball and they never really played with any sort of urgency. Just look at the last couple of weeks where they were still in the pennant race and just rolled over and died, winning just two games.