To summarize, basically the story goes as such: one night, most of the dancers working the peep show were, shall we say, more big than skinny. So supposedly, a bunch of guys were dissatisfied and walked out, demanding their money back. The poor guy at the counter who had to hear all the whining wrote up all the complaints and sent an e-mail the Lusty Lady boss.

Somehow, the e-mail was picked up by a dancer there who posted the e-mail everywhere and the next thing you know, all sorts of nasty things were flying back and forth. Can't say anything bad about bigger sized women and all that. Eventually, both of them were suspended, although the guy was brought back and the dancer wasn't. The story in the Bay Guardian then goes into a bunch of stuff about union rules and legal stuff, all of which is somewhat interesting (we love it when idealized business concepts go awry) but not nearly as interesting when compared to what the rest of the story is about.

According to Matier & Ross, the story in the Bay Guardian then pissed everyone off again and the dancer is now filing a grievance with her union. We await the Pete Seeger'ish folk tune lionizing this union fight.

Why this story is so good is because, well, the Lusty Lady has for years touted it's PC-ness. Or, as the Bay Guardian describes in prose that just rolls of the tongue: "Depicted as a bastion of feminist values and workers' rights..." the Lusty Lady has a "reputation for having a broader vision of female beauty than prevailing cultural norms and for being a venue where discrimination simply isn't tolerated." Which sounds great in fantasy-land, but not so great in drunk male fantasy-land.

Having never been to a strip club before, we of course, have no dog in this fight. We just like reading about it.