As some of you may already know, this is a period of growth for us here at SFist. SFist is a labor of love for everyone on our staff -- but as we've grown, so has Gothamist's need for a dedicated, full-time editor for the site. We're thrilled to announce that long-time SFist sports editor Jon Shurkin will be taking on this role, making him SFist's first official "employee." In fact, some of you have already noted some of the changes Jon's putting in place on the site, and we're very excited to see what else he has up his sleeve.

You may next be wondering, what will Rita and Eve be doing? Well, attorney-by-day, blogger-by-night Rita will keep on writing for the site at her usual pace (so you'll continue to get your Chris Daly and alt-weekly fixes as before), as she settles into the cushy seat of Editor At Large. Eve is departing SFist for the Chronicle, to become their new Blogging and Interactive Editor. (No jokes about the Master Cleanse Blog, please!) Eve is too modest to say this, but it's a totally great opportunity for her, and we're all really really excited to see what she does! -- Rita

When we two, along with Jackson, started planning SFist at El Farolito (and Doc's Clock! Don't forget that we moved on to Doc's Clock!-- Eve) back in June of 2004, we had no idea how exhilarating, demanding, and fun this site would be. We'd like to thank: those crazy first adopters who spread the word about us back in the beginning; the advertising, marketing and PR people who took their chances with us; our brilliant staff of writers, who made us eager to open up the site every day; and most importantly, all of our engaged readers and super-smart commenters. All of you have taken us so far, and we can't wait to see where Jon will take SFist next.

Rita and Eve

A special message from your soon-to-be-emerita co-editors Rita and Eve!