In one of those stories straight out of a TV show, a security guard for Brinks Trucks, you know the kind of truck that drives around with all that money, was shot and killed this morning after an attempted heist of the truck. While stopping for a bite to eat (at a doughnut shop) at the Fruitvale Shopping Center, a masked assailant hopped into the truck and forced the drivers to go to an industrial site at industrial area at East 10th Street and 23rd Avenue. Somewhere along the way, one of the guards was shot and killed. It is not known how. The assailant is still missing as he ran off with some money when the truck got to the industrial area.

This is the third attempt at a Brinks truck robbery in the East Bay in the past ten years. Also the 114th homicide in Oakland.

Says a Police Spokesman about the crime:

"It's very alarming, it's very scary to think that suspects, or a suspect, would have the audacity and the gall to pull something as heinous as this in broad daylight, when people are taking their children to school, when people are on their way to work."

Pretty alarming indeed, actually.