We don't know much of the details as there doesn't seem to be a lot of news on it out there right now. We just know we were halfway through reading Deadspin when the computer went black, the lights turned off, and the elevators came to a grinding halt. Half-an-hour later, we were told the entire county was out and we were sent home, thus meaning we are posting this from SFist HQ today. It also means that somewhere out there, a billionaire high-tech CEO is sitting out on his yacht in Malta or somewhere and getting a phone call telling him his entire company has a snow day. And how sad is it that we've watched War of the Worlds on HBO so many times this month that one of our first thoughts when it happened was here comes to the aliens?

Anyways, between this, the CalTrain crash, BART delays, and horrible traffic, we're wondering what the hell is going on today?

Update: If a blackout occurs somewhere not near San Francisco, does it occur at all? There's no reports of anything so maybe it wasn't the county and maybe just our little corner of the Hi-Tech world. What is it they say about not believing everything you read on the internet?