New bands are always getting compared to other bands. Most of the up-and-comes suffer by this comparison. In rare cases, it may be helpful. Such is the case with Panella’s band, Dark Side of the Cop. Comparisons to The Postal Service are going to be inevitable, but they don’t do DSC justice. They are a less glib, more subdued version that is well worth checking out. They’ll be playing the Rickshaw Stop this Friday and the Hemlock Tavern November 15th. Gotta love locals making good, good music. Listen to “Love Me From Above" here for starters.

Best show you've ever played and what made it great?
The best show we've ever had was our CD release party at the Hotel Utah Saloon in July. All of our friends were there. My mom even made it out from Vermont.

Best venue in the world?
The Rickshaw Stop. We're playing our next two shows there.

Best fans in the world?
Ours, of course.

What's your favorite song to perform?
Probably a toss-up between "Sherry Darling" or "Please Do Not Go". My band mate Roger and I used to play them all the time on the street when we lived in Rhode Island. As far as our own songs go, either "Sugar Farmer" or "Flying Fists." They both have wanky guitar solos.

Favorite collaborators?
We just had a djembe player sit in with us when we were in Colorado. It was a first for us and might top the list. We ran out of songs and the people in the bar in South Park weren't ready to go home. We did some instrumental repeats.

Lamest request from the crowd?
Either "turn the guitar down" or "don't take so much time between songs." That totally ruins our concentration.