Anyways, after the tape was leaked, Arnie's office announced that they had proof that somebody had broken into the computer system. They suspected someone from the Angelides camp and had proof to back it up. After some hemming and hawing, the Angelides people finally fessed up.

Where we go from here is still up in the air. The question actually, becomes whether it was legal or not. Or more like whether Arnie's computer was password protected. If so, it's illegal. If not, it was out there for anybody to find and what kind of idiot wouldn't have it password protected? Or maybe it's both in which case nobody knows. People from the Angelides group are saying they just found it by accident when they innocently typed in a wrong url and stumbled upon the tapes. The Governor's people, obviously, are claiming otherwise.

Either way, whatever. Supposedly, they found over four hours of taped conversations and this is the best they could do-- a six-minute boring-ass audiotape in which he says something politically incorrect? Come on, couldn't they find porn? Flirtatious e-mails with corporate lobbyists? MP3s from "The Greatest Hits of the Third Reich?"

Once again, big yawn.