The book was written by Barbara Outland Baker who was his live in girlfriend during Arnie's weightlifting heyday, back in the early 70's. Of course, y'all want the dirt and there's plenty of dirt in there: lots of dope smoking, groping, womanizing, and steroid taking. Woo hoo!

Now normally in the political world, when a book comes up against a major political figure detailing all sorts of hoary misadventures, everyone would be aghast and the spinning and denials would begin and people would claim to be shocked-- shocked-- that someone in politics would do such things. But of course, this is Arnie we're talking about so probably none of that will happen.

It helps that Barbara still loves the big galoot, so much so that when he first ran for Governor, she came out in support of him. In fact, they still get along so well, he wrote the forward to the book. It's hard to be outraged by something somebody does if not only are they upfront about it, but they are so okay with a tell-all written by an ex-paramour that they contribute to the book. Just think how much better Clinton would have made out if he would have, say, come out and not only admitted all his affairs but talked about how much he loved them. On the other hand, have you seen Paula Jones?

Anyways, we expect the news of this book to bring nothing but another big yawn. And we also expect this book to pretty much quickly disappear to the bargain bins where most of these books go.