Where was Gavin Newsom last week?

a) On the playa at Burning Man;

b) On a date with a barely-legal model;

c) On a date with a C-list reality TV star;

d) Trying out for Skating With Celebrities;

e) Ably leading San Francisco through its current crisis of high crime rates and a fractiously-divided Board of Supervisors.

or ..... f) something else entirely?

Was he.... babysitting Suri Cruise? Bailing Paris Hilton out of jail? Walking with the penguins at the SF Zoo? Stage-diving at a Phil Lesh concert? Only you know for sure!

Send us your best photoshopped Gavin picture! (no porn please.) The winner, as judged by the SFist staff, gets fame, fortune, and some swag to boot.

Illustrated version of option a) by SFist Sarah L, the brilliant mind that came up with this contest idea!