Oh, Gavin. Is it that hard to find love while running a major American city? Here's our mayor at the SF Opera opening with reality TV star Erin Brodie. (Brodie apparently created a minor stir by wearing a knee-length skirt at the traditionally white-tie event.)

Brodie, the daughter of Niner/PGA Golfer (and former Scientologist) John Brodie, made her "fame" as a two-time winner on NBC's For Love Or Money, taking home $2 million and boyfriend Chad Viggiano. Brodie most recently had been dating Will Kirby from Big Brother 2/7. She was also paired up with Darva Conger (the lady who married the multimillionaire on TV) and lost on that Game Show Network show Lingo. Well, at 33, at least Brodie's of age!

Here's some pictures of Erin from the "2006 Sexiest Men And Women Of Reality TV Calendar." Meanwhile, we're looking forward to Gavin's tryout tapes for the next season of Skating With Celebrities!

Picture by Deanne Fitzmaurice. And all credit for spotting this should go to commenter That Chick yet again -- along with the SFWall.