Total number of people pictured in the Chron's Symphony Opening Night article: 23.

Number of people pictured whom we recognize: 6 (Gavin, Brittanie Mountz, Billy and Vanessa Getty, Yurie Pascarella (the hostess in last week's Swells) -- and an uncredited Catherine Bigelow!)

Minority count: 4 (17%).

Getty v. Traina: 5-2.

Number of hats: 0.

Years they've been having the Symphony Gala: 95.

Stanlee Gatti count: 2.

Number of chilly patrons in the tent: 740.

Amount each patron paid for a seat: $1600 and up.

Age of Gavin's date: 19 (or maybe 25).

Our new name for the mayor: Gavin "15'll get you 20" Newsom.