Holy crap Warriors, not again.

It's the off season. The Warriors went with the safe pick in the draft. Mullin has made only one inconsequential trade all summer. No quick fixes, but no waves and no boat rocking. So how is it that even though the gun is in the gunsafe with the trigger lock engaged, somehow the Warriors have still found a way to shoot themselves in the foot heading into the upcoming season?

Nellie's back. No, seriously. Yeah, we know.

Last year we railed incessantly about the Warriors' lack of vision for success, let alone game plan for how to get there. Hiring Don--, check that, re-hiring Don Nelson as the newbosssameastheoldboss qualifies as exhibit A (actually, more like exhibit W, but who's counting) in our airtight case against present Warrior management.

The Warriors' two-headed monster has stars in its eyes -- and tears in ours. (Original photo from SI.com)