The police caught a driver in a black Honda SUV in Laurel Heights, at Laurel and California Streets, where he'd hit two people (one who died). A child was also struck and suffered head injuries on Mayfair (behind Laurel Village). Two people were hit at Bush and Pierce, one person at Bush and Buchanan, one person on Fillmore and California, two at Steiner and Sutter, two at Pine and Divisadero, and two at Bush and Divisadero.

The man in the black Honda told the police he was very angry with his family, and after hitting people in the city, was planning to drive to Fremont to kill them. Witnesses said the driver had "a wild look" in his eyes.

Update: The number of injured people is up to 13 now; the driver was taken into custody at that Walgreen's on Bush and Fillmore Spruce and California; he was driving in reverse down Bush Street; and one firefighter described it as "Death Race 2000." The driver may have hit a man in Fremont earlier today, and Gavin Newsom is coordinating the response teams.

Second update: They have a name for the driver: Ohmeed Popal, who lives in Ceres (which is in Stanislaus County) and in Fremont. Only person who died was the man in Fremont. Injured count is up to 14. Gavin Newsom is on his way to the hospital (SF General).

Next update: (This one's from the Merc News.) Popal is described as "relatively young," and "clean-cut, like he worked in the financial district." Patients are trickling in from all over the city. The current stats about the victims are: 3 with life-threatening injuries, 1 is in critical condition. At SF General, the victims are in the age range of 18-84, 3 are men and 4 are women. At St. Francis, 4 victims, 3 men and 1 woman, all between 20-30. The fourth guy checked himself in. At Cal Pacific, two elderly males.

The suspect's family has been interviewed by the Fremont police -- and check out this quote from a victim leaving SF General. "A car came after me, I'm lucky to be alive. Life is good."

And your last update of the day: The Merc News is reporting that Popal's family thinks he might have snapped from the stress of his wedding. Popal grew up in America, but returned to Afghanistan for an arranged marriage last month. His wife is still there, waiting for her visa. Family members said that Popal had been reporting "strange dreams" after he got back to the U.S. They also said that Popal's family owned a black SUV, but usually a woman was driving it. The Chron reports much of the same, but also reports that others are saying Popal had had mental problems for some time.

Pictures from the scene here, here, and here. Map of the incidents here.