The police are continuing their investigation of Ohmeed Popal and his deadly series of hit-and-run accidents in Fremont and San Francisco yesterday. Here's the latest:

The Chron's put together a chronology of events: it took Popal about an hour to get from Fremont to the city. (Did anyone see him pay a toll on the Bay Bridge?)

Popal's attorney was at the police station, but so far has been unable to see his client because Popal hasn't asked to see a lawyer yet.

There are conflicting reports about Popal's mental illness, and the SFPD has confirmed that last month, Popal came to them claiming that he had committed a murder in the City (but that they'd determined it was a "John Karr confession," meaning of course that it was false.) Popal also has a number of moving violations on his record (a speeding ticket, driving in the carpool lane, an unsafe lane change, and failing to wear a seat belt.)

We also heard on the news last night that Popal had recently been checked into (and out of) a psychiatric hospital, and that his family claims to have reported him missing last week when he took an unannounced trip to LA. However, the reporter said that the Fremont police had no record of the report being filed. (We haven't seen that thing about the trip to LA in any newspaper or online reports, though, so who knows how accurate that is?)