World events got you down? Sometimes wonder if American citizenship is worth all the grief? If you’re considering marrying a Canadian to escape it all, we’ve got one more reason to move to Canada: the music. The newest kanuks to hit the music scene are Shapes and Sizes. Sharing a label with Sufjan Stevens and Berkeley dweller Half-Handed Cloud, is daunting start for a young band, but they seem up for the challenge.

Caila Thompson-Hannant of Shapes and Sizes has lent a Vancouver bent to the standard SFist interview. If you long to see the Mayor hooking up with Margaret Thatcher, or are thinking that your new Canadian address might be in her fair city, check out her interview below. You can catch Shapes and Sizes opening for Oh No! Oh My! at The Bottom of the Hil tomorrow night.

Caila Thompson-Hannant/ Shapes and Sizes

Introduce yourself in one sentence
I'm a girl.

Age and Occupation
21. I'll work pretty much any job I can get. At the moment I'm a Barista! I also play in a band called Shapes and Sizes.

Best show you've ever played?
Louisville KY. We thought it was gonna be a tomato-throwing kind of night,
but they were such awesome fun people. It was one of those good surprises.

Best venue in the world?
Probably this huge warehouse collective art space in Austin, Texas called the Rizome. It was great because it had walls made of straw and a farm with turkeys and an outdoor fire pit and it was focused on ecological awareness and community and stuff. Plus it was huge! Of course, much credit goes to the crowd for making it a great place.

Best fans in the world?
Montreal: they love you or they hate you. Luckily, we have loads of friends there.

What's your favorite song to perform?
That changes pretty frequently, but right now, and for me personally, it might be this song we've only played once. It's a highlife-esque world beat-y little number that has no name at the moment. It might be called something like "fleshy, mouthy corners" or "I had been duped". The new ones are often the most fun.

Favorite collaborators?
Eno and Fripp. OR all the people involved with the new Danielson album.