Eyes always peeled, nose always to the grindstone, corpus madidus Nico has noticed a disturbing trend in our fair city recently: a resurgence of the mustache. Odious as it may be, its staunch defenders will say a little mustache can't hurt you (make you question their prevailing wisdom perhaps, but no actual bloodshed). Anyway, they will argue there's nothing wrong with a little hair on the lip. Not only are they de rigueur in Hollywood, they’ll say, but it helps keep wayward hairs, flies, dust bunnies, off your tongue. This humble reporter believes however there are some trends better left buried.

Do we smell a 70s revival? Recently a wave of things aesthetically awkward has been washing up on the left coast shore. A once dead now renewed adoration of the Dukes of Hazzard, faux-wood rec room paneling and yes, the big frumpy mustache is gaining steam. Who knew? Say what you will about style, there is a select group of fashionistas that are going to sardine themselves into a tight pair of jeans just to relive those fanciful days. Thanks to Amber at 718 14th St, off Church, there’s a place those folks can go to get their chic on.

Image from Amber's CitySearch entry

SFist Nico, contributing