Yep, it finally happened. The Mighty Stephen Colbert finally let us better know a district we actually know, that being "The Fighting 6th" of California. That district, of course, is Marin County and Sonoma and the congressperson is our very own Lynn Woolsey. She went on despite our Nancy warning her minions to stay away from Colbert.

How did she do? Not bad actually as she actually seemed to be slightly in on the joke. Most importantly, she didn't come off as a major idiot and do something like not knowing the Ten Commandments or reciting lines about doing cocaine with strippers. Even better, she ARM WRESTLED Stephen (she lost, although Stephen cheated).

Also included on the YouTube clip is Stephen's run down of what you can find in District 6, including gratuitous Jar Jar Binks jokes (Skywalker Ranch is in the district). Because Jar Jar Binks jokes are always funny.