The tasting took place in the awesome private dining room at Greens, in the corner of the Fort Mason building, with spectacular views through windows on the Bay from two sides. We'd be happy just taking the sunset there. We sampled four reds and two whites, all from different areas of Spain, all from the Greens list. We enjoyed Chaylee's knowledge, but wish she had been wearing a mike: with the breeze flowing in, the chatting of the other wine aficionados, the bustle of the restaurant on the other side of the wall, we could not hear her very well. She described more the history of the winery than the intrinsic characteristics of the bottles; she wasn't the kind of sommelier, trying to put a name an every whiff of aroma, but described the wines in broad strokes. Her style was very interactive, audience participation more than welcome. The attendees, a knowledgeable co-ed bunch of young professionals, were more than willing to interact, their tongues untied after a few samples. Chaylee had chosen wines with a strong earthy character, each with a distinct personality, none of the easy-drinking fruit-forward sugary sweet stuff. She mentioned she would organize other thematic sessions, so you can check it out too.

Picture from Greens' website