But first, a caveat regarding Linda Medley's : not a whole heck of a lot happens in issue one. It's sorta like at the beginning of a role-playing game, where you have to spend some time talking about the rules of the universe before any quests can actually be embarked upon. So we meet all the characters -- a bookish stork, a horny nun, a stoic blacksmith, a simple Simon, a fussy dogboy, and a preening horse-minotaur with a hot rippling musculature that seems to have been rendered in particularly fond detail. The action in Issue One primarily surrounds the arrival of Lady Jain and her child, who intend to settle down in a large, empty castle, surrounded by a friendly village. Everyone sort of sets themselves up around Jain -- the nun seeks housewarming gifts, a little imp skulks around, the stork takes Jain on a castle tour -- and it feels a bit like the opening number of a musical. The series has amassed a fond following over the last decade, so it's a relief to many to see the books coming with some regularity now.

Castle Waiting