So the premise of is that Stan Lee, of Spider-Man and Fantastic Four and X-Men fame, is picking the best action hero character, and the winner gets a comic book issue dedicated to their character and a Sci-Fi channel made for TV movie. SFist Jeremy told us he was uncomfortable with the show for making fun of comic books, but we actually thought the show was better at the old school Marvel comic ethos than, say, The Hulk movie. It's all about, you know, honor and valor and stuff. Dude, it's the first emo reality show challenge! (and also -- hilarious! We haven't laughed that hard at TV in ages. More than at the Daily Show, even.)

Anyways. As SFist, we were all about giving some local support to the guy from San Francisco Major Victory, whose alter ego is Chris Watters, a DJ and former exotic dancer. (he's pictured in costume above.) Fun, right?

Well, we did some web research -- and Chris Watters doesn't really have any real connection to our fair city. He was born in SF, but didn't really grow up here; he appears to have done his exotic dancing stint in Vegas, and now he DJs in Hollywood. Also -- he's not really a DJ, he's an actor. He's a regular on Passions and he had a role on one episode of CSI Miami. (Did he meet Sofia Milos, at least?)

So we're feeling less enthusiastic about non-local, non-DJ Major Victory now, unfortunately -- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch the show! That means you, Jer!

Who Wants To Be A Superhero