So with the passing of the trade deadline, we have the answer to this weekends' big Giants' question-- wave the white flag or go for it. We're going for it. Unfortunately, we're going for it with the same team that is currently enjoying an eight-game losing streak. So unless Sabaen can somehow pull off a Benitez for A-Rod trade (Sabes?) , the question out there is what if anything can the Giants do to get off the schneid? Well, here's something to ponder, something that for whatever reason isn't really being discussed even though it should, and here it is; Fire Felipe. Like right now before it's too late.

Why? Well, first off, desperate situations call for desperate measures and this is a pretty desperate situation. Extremely desperate. As in how could it not be more desperate desperate. And it's not that crazy.

We're not here to get into a discussion of Felipe's game-calling skills, as we don't think that's the damning evidence for whatever's ailing the Giants. Nor is the pitching carousel or often baffling lineups and substitution patterns or the lack of situational hitting or smart baseball. Those are all concerns but not what we think should be Felipe's downfall right now. Instead what we're talking about is the Giants maddening pattern of winning a few, then losing a few, playing well for a few games, then stinking up the joint for a few. That shows a lack of intensity, a lack of consistency. That's what we think is the damning evidence.

For further proof just dig their amazing ability to play down to the level of their competition. See current eight game losing streak, mainly at the hands of the last-place Nationals and Pirates. In fact, here's their record against some of the worst teams in the NL-- 1-5 against Philadelphia, 1-6 against the Pirates, 0-5 against the Nationals. Against the seven teams with the worst winning percentage in the NL, the Giants are 15-26.

That, dear readers, is fairly craptastic. And the responsiblity for that can only fall in one place, with Felipe.