But not last night. Nope, fireworks seemed fitting as the Giants have now gone where they haven't gone before -- four game winning streak. How mediocre has this team been? They haven't been able to win more than three games a season. But tonight, they beat the Pads for their fourth game in a row, crushing them once again by a final score of 8-2. For the second night in a row, a Giants starting pitcher had a shutout going until the night inning, this time it being Matt Cain to the previous night's Noah Lowry. The Giants are now 1/2 game behind the Padres for first place in the NL West and tied for first in the Wild Card race. Are we now at the start of the Big Run? And once again, the question is raised: who are these guys and what you done with the Giants?

But there's more reason to celebrate as the Giants pulled off their patented second half trade-a-prospect-for-a-playoff-run move, trading Jeremy Accardo for Shea Hillenbrand and pitcher Vinnie Chulk from the Jays. Hillenbrand is a career .300 hitter with some power, has even worse patience at the plate than Pedro, and is not known for being great with the glove. He is also known as a bit of a douche having earned his trade for a season of bitching and whining, topped off by his writing "This Ship is Sinking" on the Jays chalkboard one day and getting challenged to a fight by the Jays manager. Chulk is an arm.