It turns out Rice-A-Roni actually a San Francisco treat -- the family of the guy who currently runs the Napa Valley Wine Train ran a pasta business in the Mission in the 1930s, and his mother modified their Armenian landlady's rice and vermicelli recipe into the boxed side dish for the ages. And hey, we had no idea people threw rice-a-roni at Dianne Feinstein's wedding -- that's kind of cool.

How times change -- after Quaker Oats bought out the family, they dropped the San Francisco parts of the ads until now. And Supervisor Aaron Peskin doesn't sound like he'll be throwing rice-a-roni at any weddings he's participating in: "I don't mean to sound like a snob, but I don't make anything out of a box." Hey, Dianne did it and she became the mayor. Think about it, Aaron!