We were getting ready to write yet another post about using Craigslist as a scapegoat for the evil Internet while blatantly ignoring all the good it serves. So we began the arduous task of looking at newspaper articles till our eyes started to glaze over, each article looking eerily and eerily similar to the previous one... "Bad Stuff happens on Craigslist," Blah, Blah, Blah, "Fair Housing," Blah Blah Blah ..."Flesh Bazaar," Blah Blah ..."Craigslist Crime"...

Whaaa... Flesh Bazaar?

Craigslist users kiss and tell.

Consumers of "erotic services" in Seattle and Portland have given life to a separate, popular site called the Craigslist Review Board, which links back to Craigslist erotic ads.

Suddenly awake, we did a little not-so-safe-for-work Internet research which resulted in confirmation that, yes, a website called Craigslist Review Board exists and contains reviews of the people from the Erotic Services section of Craigslist. (Lucky for us the review board has expanded from its Seattle roots to the Bay Area, as well as Denver, Boston, Portland and some other cities)

Unlike our friends at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer we don't really have a problem with the concept of reviewing people for their work services. We also think that having an Erotic Services section on Craigslist makes sense, since if there wasn't one, the same listings would just be posted in other areas.

However, we will stand up and say the name has got to change. In fact the name, Craigslist Review Board, seems quite benign for its actual content and could lead to some major misunderstandings. Couldn't they have thought of something a little less, well, legitimate sounding? How about "The Craigslist Red-Light Review" or the very boring "Craigslist Escort Review?" Because right now, there are unfortunate souls which may Google "Craigslist Review," come to the 2nd page of results and be confronted with a link to the Craigslist Review board, not know what it is, click on it and then have to hear terrible accusations from their significant others.

And by the way, some of the links above are definitely not safe for work.

Image from http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov

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