The bill actually came up for a vote but Sandoval pushed it aside to a committee, claming that he can't really support the bill because even he's having trouble speaking English, Shakespeare style. Something for which we would hardly doubt him on as even we have trouble doing it. Our original post was in iambic pentameter but we gave up when we couldn't figure out anything that rhymes with Spanish.

Anyways, before you get all crazed and wonder "wuh?" it should be said that it's pretty obvious that this was all one big joke, a bit of comic agit-prop to make a statement against the Culture Vultures out there thinking that the end of the world is nigh due to the fact we occasionally have to press "1" for English right before we spent fifteen minutes wading through customer service voice mail systems.

Over on SFWall, they're all complaining about waste of tax money, waste of time, blah, blah, blah. To which we say, lighten up, Frances. We like the occasional humor and sense of irony from our political types, especially as it's becoming ever harder and harder to discern between what is meant to be absurd and what is just plain absurd these days. No, our only problem with the bill is that while it was meant as a joke, it's not very particularly funny and thus loses its agit-propness. No, instead, we would have gone with a bill that just banned Spanish in general-- all Spanish. First of all, it gets its point across better than Sandoval's bill does. And it's funny (or at least we think so). See, now you'd have to say things like "I'd like to order a Chicken, rice and beans wrap" or "Can I get a shot of Catcus Hangover liqueur" or even "we can’t wait for a St. Francis Giants vs. City of Angels Dodgers game."