You can't go two panels without reading a swear, so some folks label this series "mature." But we don't know about that -- aside from bad words, the book's pretty light-spirited and gentle. The powerful jerks get put in their place, the weak and shy come out on top, and even when something awful is happening, the cutesy art and the characters' wide-eyed innocence keep it all in good fun.

It's totally easy to identify with the whole Super F*cker team -- Vortex misses his childhood, Jack Krak likes to be in charge, Orange Lightning likes to have fun, Radical Randy starts trouble. And it's totally easy to get into their adventures -- Vortex needs to save his nostalgic time-bubble, Jack Krak wants to throttle Grotus, Orange Lightning plays video games that make fun of his colleagues, and Radical Randy takes pills that turn him into a drunken slapping beast. Fun fun.