This isn't a comic book you can approach lightly; it's a graphic novel that requires you take a few deep breaths before diving in. Childhood awfulness led Madison to dissociate herself into a whole team of young people, any one of whom might pop out and assume control of her life at any moment. As she grows up, Madison find herself plagued by hallucinations, memory loss, panic attacks and flashbacks; she's lucky enough to have some wise and sypathetic figures in her life who lead her to recovery, and unlucky enough to have a few irresponsible types who inadvertantly steer her away.

All the elements of a Lifetime - Television - for - Women - Made - for - TV - Movie are there (that is, crazy broads and abusive relationships) ... but never turns maudlin or sappy. Madison depicts herself furiously mocking herself with comparions to Sybil and The Three Faces of Eve, and never adopts a "woe is me" tone. It's all very matter-of-fact and objective, a remarkable feat considering the struggle that life has put her through. Word on the street is that a local theater troupe is adapting the work into a stage play -- we'll keep you updated on that as we hear more.

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