The South SF police and Humane Society had to intercede for an unfortunate man overwhelmed by 80+ rabbits last Friday. He had apparently bought two rabbits two years ago for his son's school project, and, well -- you can probably figure out the rest (it involves multiplication). The man also didn't realize you could spay rabbits, so he just built a hutch in his yard and watched helplessly as the numbers grew... and grew.... and grew. You wonder if this man also believes human babies come from storks.

We always thought their prices were a little high, but this isn't the kind of robbery we meant! Two armed men bust into Blowfish Sushi Friday night and robbed the joint. Patrons heard some pops and hit the floor, and the cashier may have been pistol-whipped. Maybe the sushi's not really worth dying for after all, huh?

And someone was shot in a road rage incident in the Marina? We can't leave for two weeks without some kind of hell breaking loose!

We're back from vacation -- and boy, did we miss the San Francisco news. A special Sunday Blotter to celebrate coming home!