Just in time for Summer Solstice, there's a new No Fun fracas going on. See, there's this tradition where people go to Ocean Beach and do the bonfire thing. It's like Burning Man except without the Man and the poseur artists. But this year just might be the last year as there's a wee bit chance of a bonfire crackdown after this year's.

The battle over Ocean Beach bonfires is another thing that's been burning back and forth, with neighbors (led by the awesomely named Buffy Maguire-- seriously, could that name be more awesome?) complaining about the usual drunken riff raff leaving cans everywhere and vandalizing things. They tried a bit of a crack down awhile ago, or at least tried to police it a bit more, but Ocean Beach people are still not very happy.

And thus, the Solstice event is in jeapordy. Or is it? Says George Franklin of "Reclaim" “All around the world today is solstice and its something we take part in with people all around the world... This is a religious freedom issue." Yep, so you know what this means (wait for it people): there's a "War On Solstice" currently going on! Where is Bill O'Reilly when you need him or is he too busy calling for the U.S. to go Medieval on some Iraqi ass to step in?

Nothing has been decided yet and there will probably be much debate to be had, but, well, there you have it.