The plan came about as a response to a healthcare plan by the aforementioned Tom Ammiano, one which business leaders did not quite dig. So Gavin decided to throw in his own plans. Or at least put together a Blue Ribbon Panel to figure out a plan.

Well, they did and Gavin announced it.

You can read the details of it in the story-- numbers make our head hurt-- but in perusing the stories about all this, here are some of the details:

-The plan mainly says it insures everyone who isn't but they have to get coverage in the city. Once they leave the city, they're out of luck.

-Most medical things are covered. Cosmetic surgery and dental stuff are not. Gavin, we guess, must have negotiated away the dental plan for a keg of beer.

-The plan was worked on by representatives from health care, business, labor and community organizations, and they all seem relatively happy about it. All except for a few business types. The few business types, however, only seemed to constitute one person in the story as the same person-- Laura Thomas, owner of the popular Rose Pistola restaurant-- was quoted in both the Chron and the Ex.

-Ammiano's original plan is still to be discussed and taken up by the Board of Supes tomorrow. Gavin hopes his plan can piggy-back on it and make the business community happy.

-Total cost is around $200 million. Most of the money will come from the city which will just do some accounting tricks to move it around. The rest come from business and from the people who sign up for the program.

-And yes, if Gavin pulls it off, it'll make him look pretty studly. Make that of you will.