Daly, of course, is behind the idea because by his own admission he has a horrible relationship with the Gavster and thinks it'll be a way for them to talk. Hmm...how about IMing with Gavin? That's a way to talk someone without having to actually talk to someone and you can use those cute little emoticons to make it seem like you're not being dick-y when you're totally being dick-y. That's what we do.

Anyways, there was some harrumphing from Daly and Ammiano over Gavin's no-show while Flak o' Gavin Peter Ragone responded with the ole "mayor has an open-door policy" line. Daly countered by saying that when he was a Supe, Gavin liked the idea, although we have to add that when Gavin was a Supe he was still married and had yet to appear in any national magazine. Still, there will be at least one more debate over the measure, then a vote by the Board, and if that passes then, hello ballot measure. Yeehaw.

If the measure passes and the resolution is voted upon and Gavin still doesn't show up, may we suggest creating a sock puppet Gavin and have it speak in his place? That'll embarass Gavin enough so that maybe he'll start showing up. And if he doesn't, who doesn't love sock puppets?