Who wants Craigslist?

We do! We do!

Unless, of course, we own a bunch of newspapers whose classified ad revenue is falling due to Craigslist kickin' its ass and happen to be an Internet Service Provider. In that case we prevent access to our competition by providing our roughly 6 million residential and commercial customers a "Security Suite" which slows down the Craigslist web page so that it becomes unusable. If, by some crazy chance, one of our customers wishes to actually access the greatest web site in the world, they first need to uninstall their bundled security software and risk having their PC hijacked, filled with virus and turned into a zombie.

All we can say is: Thank you Cox Communications! (AKA "Your Friend in the Digital Age!")

Graciously enough, the maker of the "Security Suite" acknowledged that their software does indeed block Craigslist, though both Cox and the Security Suite's Company refute any claim that it was deliberate. This denial sounds fishy to us since they claim to have released an Internet security application before testing it on one of the top 50 most visited Internet sites and then had the guile to not fix their error for 3 Months.

Image from Alternet.org