We bounded out of bed this morning, (that is, once we made sure that our floor hadn't been replaced by brimstone) eager to vote in today's election. OK, the eager one was actually SFist Franny, who was dying for a pee, but while we were out we decided to make our own mark at our local polling place.

How about you? Have you voted yet? Voter turnout is expected to be low statewide, maybe because none of the issues and candidates seem that superficially compelling. We were the first, and only voter we saw at our polling place (no lines!), so we're inclined to believe that prediction.

Whatever the case, we still think an election is a great excuse to show up late to, or leave early from work, so we encourage y'all to head out and vote. For the scoop on the issues, there's the Chronicle's or our voters' guides, and who doesn't get a kick out of reading The Guardian's endorsements, which we suggest you balance with your state-issued voter information pamphlet.

What have your experiences been at the polls? Are you planning on voting or not today? Let us know in the comments!

Image from basetree.