at Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
All hail the trendiest celebrity vehicle--no, it's not a Hummer. It's the solo show. The likes of Billy Crystal and Martin Short have already ridden through town on them, and now it's Leslie Jordan's turn. Yeah, he's Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace. (You thought his mug looked familiar, huh?) If the thought of another solo show, aka "Hey, the audience pays me for an hour of my therapy," makes your stomach turn, fear not: at least one critic exclaims that Jordan's show is actually, wow, entertaining. Combining his journey from the south to Hollywood along with his escape from the closet, Jordan's show highlights bizarre characters and even more bizarre Hollywood stories (like his appearance in U.S. Army ad, of all things). So, step away from the small screen and see the real thing.
Playing June 8 through July 2

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