It's a melancholy Everybody Hates Chris column about the District 6 election: this week's episode -- Everybody Hates Death.

We were sorry to read in the paper that one of the candidates that we didn't get in touch with, James Leo Dunn, passed away last month of a stomach aneurysm.

Dunn ran for District 6 in 2000 on the platform that the city build a tunnel underneath Taylor Street in Nob Hill to house the homeless and improve traffic to downtown. In 2002, Dunn ran again, this time on the platform that the city build 288-foot glass tetrahedrons on pylons to house the homeless. The tetrahedra would be made of glass so as not to block sunlight. Dunn came in last both times with garnered 197 votes in 2000 (despite having a 3-D model of the Taylor Street tunnel) and 149 votes in 2002.

Dunn drove a cab and lived in the Tenderloin; he lived on seaweed and liked to shout at bad drivers. He filed his intent to run for the District 6 seat a few months before he became ill, and insisted on treating himself with minerals and kombu. We're sorry we won't have the chance to interview him.