Eve Batey: Something that we always wonder when we go fill out that form on the website, when we have a complaint or a comment or something, where does it go? What happens? So frequently, unless we really raise a stink and we really call a lot of people and throw a fit, we don’t hear anything.

Nathaniel Ford: Right.

EB: Do you foresee a time when we’re going to get a little more resolution on our questions or complaints?

NF: This is timely, because in my staff meeting this morning there was a discussion regarding, one, all of the different portals that we get complaints – or concerns, or commendations – that we receive. We receive them from the Board of Supervisors; we receive them from the Mayor’s Office.

I receive them either through the phone or through e-mail, or in writing. Our Customer Complaint area or concern area gets it through e-mail, written or phone call. So there are probably at least a dozen different portals that we get requests in. Right now what we’re doing is, looking at all those different portals.